ConWell iMobility Scooter


If your mobility solution is not moving along, you aren’t 100% mobile, nor the world is 100% accessible.

Now TiGold brings you the iMobility:

a chair explores the world with you; gears enable you;  the solution makes a difference.



Conwell iMobility Scooter is designed to be the most compact and lightest power wheelchair in the world. We started the project from the year 2012, and we are proud of the solution we came up. Over the year we have many advanced technologies applied to Conwell iMobility Scooter. We are serious about the idea of bringing you the best “second-chair” in your life.

Important features:

  • The total weight of this scooter is only 16 kg (35 lbs), and it is designed to hold up to 100kg.
  • This chair folds up in 10 seconds and sits in your trunk in 25 seconds. We can replace any individual component within 5mins for you, so you don’t miss an appointment.
  • It is so unique and designed for minimum maintenance. Less time for the chair, more for you.
  • Uses most advanced and quality Li-ion batteries (same as Tesla)  which are safer, lighter, and longer lasting compared to others.
  • Accommodate you up to 18 km (11.2 miles) on a single charge. (10% to 15% Less efficient in winter as low temperature affects battery volume by nature)
  • Anodic oxidation finish, lasting and durable.
  • Equipped with patented compact Motor (in the wheel) which are more energy saving, ultra compact, quiet and powerful (stay compact while providing sufficient torque power.)
  • Latest design with the user interface with joystick controller that is sharp and durable.
  • The aircraft-grade quality aluminum alloy is utilized for stronger yet lighter structure, and this ensures your safety and the frame durability.
  • Anti-tilt support with hydraulic system reduces the risk of falling backward, yet flexible when needed.
  • Light Air-breeze seat cushion and backrest cover made from a non-fray material for better durability. It allows more air to flow through.

What does it come with:

  • A certified Charger (100V-230V) so you can use it anywhere in the world.
  • One Year – Services and Parts; Two Years – Main Components; Lifetime Product Support*.

You can also look into optional Accessories available from our online store. For more inquiries about our Conwell iMobility Scooter, please feel free to contact us.


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Max Speed

6 km/hr 8 Speed Adjustable

Seat Width

40 cm (16”)

Seat Depth

36 cm (14”)

Max Distance / Full Charge

~18km (11.2 miles) (10%-15% less in winter)

Charge Time

6-8 hours, do not charge over 24 hours consecutively

Folded Size L X W X H

85 cm (33.4646") X 22 cm (8.66") X 68 cm (26.78")

Slope Capability


Battery Type

18250 Lithium Ion Battery 8.8A.H








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